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  • <cite class="fn">Tygosar </cite>
    Dec 25,  · Also debunked is the possibility that the Tunguska explosion in was the result of a piece of antimatter colliding with the Earth. Lamentably, Mr. Close also dashes hope for antimatter propulsion to the stars any time soon. All-in-all, if you wanted a short and sweet introduction to antimatter, you'll really enjoy this book/5(83).
  • <cite class="fn">Zum </cite>
    Jun 19,  · Antimatter or anti-matter is an extra-universal substance that destroys any matter on contact within the multiverse, having the ability to completely destroy a universe and erase it from existence. During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, a wave of antimatter, brought on by the malevolent Anti-Monitor, destroyed all Earths in the multiverse and killed all living beings within them, leaving only Function: Destroys positive matter on contact.
  • <cite class="fn">Kizahn </cite>
    Jan 24,  · Antimatter came about as a solution to the fact that the equation describing a free particle in motion (the relativistic relation between energy, momentum and mass) has not only positive energy.
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    Antimatter - 'Redemption' live with string quartet video From the new live CD/DVD 'An Epitaph'.
  • <cite class="fn">Niramar </cite>
    This is a very short book about antimatter, but it took me a really long time to read because it was very difficult to understand in places. The beginning gave the impression of being more of a popular science book with lots of bad jokes and whatnot but things grew in complexity to the point where I was rereading certain sentences again and again.4/5.
  • <cite class="fn">Kashura </cite>
    Sep 08,  · Directed by Keir Burrows. With Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson, Tom Barber-Duffy, Noah Maxwell Clarke. A scientist faces the question of what makes us whole and if there is a part of us that is not part of this physical world when she discovers how to travel through a worm hole/10(K).
  • <cite class="fn">Yohn </cite>
    By recording the results of these ‘mini-Bangs’, the experiments confirmed that energy can change into counterbalanced particles and antiparticles. It reinforced the idea that matter and antimatter emerged in perfect balance. So where was the missing antimatter? Solving this mystery requires antimatter atoms to .
  • <cite class="fn">Gar </cite>
    An antimatter bomb is the Lost Superweapon MacGuffin of Mission Thunderbolt. In X-COM: UFO Defense, the aliens use Antimatter as a power source for their weapons and UFOs. Said Antimatter is generated by an alien element called Elerium In Sins of a Solar Empire, ships that have special abilities use Antimatter as Mana.
  • <cite class="fn">Dajin </cite>
    antimatter definition: 1. matter that consists of particles that have the opposite electrical characteristics of the. Learn more.

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